[BEST] 7+ most popular bars in Ha Long

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Ha Long Bar is a vibrant entertainment destination not only for “playboys” but also a place frequented by many tourists when coming to Ha Long. If you are looking for the most attractive places to hang out in Ha Long, don’t forget to save these famous bars.

Ha Long bars are located mainly in Bai Chay and Hon Gai. Join with Ha Long Bay Blog to discover these vibrant Ha Long Bars right in this article.

Bai Chay is the largest entertainment destination for tourists in Ha Long. Therefore, this also has many lively bars for visitors. Bai Chay bars bring a fun and bustling atmosphere to the nightlife area.

1. FOM Club Ha Long, the No. 1 entertainment venue in Ha Long

  • Address: Opposite Novotel Bai Chay Hotel
  • Opening hours: 20h00 – 2h00
  • Contact for reservation: 0326.822.822

FOM Club Ha Long which is a big brand is too familiar to young people. Owning an extremely impressive large space with 1-0-2 in Deep Ocean style with the highlight of modern LED screens covering the building.

FOM Club Ha Long is designed by architects with 12 years working experience in France. And with a Deep Ocean-style space, FOM Club brings the image of the vast ocean to land expressed through check-in areas or light systems with the characteristics of the sea.

FOM Club Ha Long is designed by architects with 12 years of experience working in France
FOM Club Ha Long is designed by architects with 12 years of experience working in France

The sound and light system is wonderful, and the atmosphere is always vibrant with music taste that you can’t have anywhere else with Dj-Mc or Vietnam’s leading guest producers on regular performances.

Famous Dj-Mc for playing at FOM Club
Famous Dj-Mc for playing at FOM Club

FOM Club Ha Long is located in a prime location on Ha Long Street, in the middle of Sunworld’s classy entertainment and resort area. It’s convenient for customers to travel when using transportation.

FOM Club Ha Long is made up of many different spaces by 2 floors along with VIP Sofa or standing tables beside the stage. Customers can easily choose the right seat to enjoy the music.

Let’s summarize the outstanding features at FOM Club:

Distinctive features Points of note
  • Located in a prime location right on Sunworld pedestrian street, convenient for customers to travel when using transportation,
  • Deep Ocean style design, comfortable for luxury check-in 
  • Splendid lighting, highlighted by a fanciful LED screen that fills the whole building in a separate style, bringing a sense of fun and excitement
  • Affordable beverage prices, suitable for all types of customers
  • Professional training staff bring a friendly and comfortable feeling
  • Many new and constantly innovative concepts cannot be met in any club
  • It is a venue that always invites dj-mc-music producers, famous singers to perform most often in Ha Long
  • The space on the 1st floor to the 2nd floor includes sofas for large groups, central standing tables near the performance stage. You can freely choose the appropriate area to suit your needs and the number of people hanging out.
  • Known as the Club guests like shout out ‘Hey’ with the MC and music the most, so be prepared to have fun and dance

  • There are always taxis at the door even late at night

  • The Club is not located in a residential area

  • Club is indoor so music will be chilling

  • It is recommended to book a table in advance for arranging free tables, and you can book the desired tables

  • Charge your phone battery fully to check in with the gorgeous FOM Club space.

In order to immediately update the latest game shows coming up at FOM Club Ha Long as well as preferential combos, please visit the Fanpage of the Club:

Fanpage FOM Club

2. H Club – The largest entertainment bar in Bai Chay area

  • Address: Group 7, Zone 4 Bai Chay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Opening hours20h00  to 2:30 the next day
  • Phone number: 0986.121.866

H Club is the largest Ha Long bar in Bai Chay. The bar is built on an area of 4000m2 (construction area of 1000m2), with a capacity of 1200 guests. On special occasions such as the Carnavan festival season, Christmas, count down or events of big brands, and so on, visitors will have the opportunity to meet the top singers and DJs in Vietnam here.

H Club – The best entertainment bar in Ha Long
H Club – The best entertainment bar in Ha Long

H Club satisfies listeners with the latest Martin Audio speaker system which is produced in 2019, bringing the ultimate music experience that is extremely impressively reviewed by listeners. The diffusion system is made of special high-quality materials, combined with the THV series will make the sound very detailed, clear, with strong pressure, but softer. The lighting stretches throughout the club, illuminating 360 degrees, bringing unforgettable experiences to people coming to have fun and entertainment.

                              Distinctive features                                 Points of note
  • Large area, divided into many zones
  • Modern light and sound system
  • There are many dancers who are western girls, handsome western boys and beautiful girls
  • There are often famous DJ TILO to play.
  • It is located in a residential area
  • There are always shuttle taxis available even late at night

H Club is definitely the best nightlife destination in Bai Chay that no one can ignore when traveling there. To see the performance schedule as well as book the table quickly, please visit H Club’s fanpage:

Fanpage H Club

3. The only outdoor bar by the beach in Ha Long: Valley Beach Club

  • Address: Zone B of Sungroup Bai Chay beach, Ha Long, Quang Ninh
  • Opening hours: 20h00 to 2h00 the next day
  • Combo price: From 700,000 VND
  • Contact for reservation: 08688.288.55 | 032.910.9999

If you want to enjoy hot and passionate parties, visit Valley Beach Club – the only Halong Bar on the beach. With a beautiful location on Bai Chay beach – one of the 10 famous Ha Long beaches, Valley Beach Club is the ideal place for the Beach Party like in the movie that you always dreamed of.

With a direct view of the sea, Valley Beach Club promises to bring visitors unforgettable moments of fun.

Valley Beach Club – Bar Club by the sea
Valley Beach Club – Bar Club by the sea

Club is equipped with a K2-L’Acoustics speaker system with super sound + DOBACO fans, and brilliant lighting. With its open space, Valley Beach Club can accommodate a large number of customers. The parking is also spacious, convenient for visitors who come by private cars.

                              Distinctive features                           Points of note
  • Ideal beachfront location for Beach Parties
  • Large spaces, large parking lots and easy-to-find locations
  • Guests will feel free to find themselves a seat without worrying about having to book in advance.
  • Because it is an outdoor bar, the sound will not be too chilling.
  • The bar rarely features famous DJs.

If you are looking for a place for entertaining at night in Ha Long or to celebrate a birthday party, seaside party, Valley Beach Club is the place you go. For reservations, please contact the hotline.


4. 45A Pub – Coffee Bar with outdoor space 

  • Address: 145A – Ha Long Park – Ha Long Beach, Quang Ninh
  • Opening hours: 9am to 3am the next day
  • Contact for reservation:

Located right in Bai Chay Old Town, 45A Pub – Bar Coffee is located on the main street of the bustling pedestrian street. This is the pioneer model of outdoor Bai Chay Bar in the area. The entire music space is brought out in front of the frontside. 45A Pub – Bar Coffee attracts countless visitors at night.

45A PUB Coffee Bar – Outdoor Bar in Bai Chay
45A PUB Coffee Bar – Outdoor Bar in Bai Chay

LED screens cover the frontside of the bar with a modern touch flash system. Thanks to the talent of the DJs combined with the epic sound and light, the music performances here are greatly welcomed. The bar has received good reviews by visitors for delicious drinks and high quality music. 45A Bar & Pub Ha Long is definitely a stop for visitors when traveling here.

                      Distinctive features                           Points of note
  • Outdoor music performance space
  • Good drinks, high quality music.
  • Guests can register to sing karaoke outdoors.
  • A lot of western customers who are beautiful boys and girls visiting the bar.
  • The bar is suitable for young ages, loud open music
  • The bar is usually very crowded on weekends, so it is necessary to arrive early.

Please save the address of 45A Pub & Bar Coffee to explore if traveling to Ha Long. If you need assistance with information, please call the hotline immediately.:


5. BATTERY Club 

  • Address: C308 Ha Long Park pedestrian street, Ha Long, Quang Ninh
  • Opening hours: 19h00 to 2h00 the next day
  • Combo price: From 700,000 VND
  • Contact for reservation: 0869.308.308

Another bar located on the pedestrian street is BATTERY Club. The bar is a great address for young people in Ha Long with a very affordable cost. The space is not outstanding but it has cool dancers along with brand new DJs that also attract the attention of visitors.

BATTERY Club – Bar in Sunworld pedestrian street
BATTERY Club – Bar in Sunworld pedestrian street

The minus point of the bar is that the area is smaller than many other clubs in Ha Long, but in return the service staff and booking service are very pampering. The tables close together will sometimes make you feel cramped, but it brings explosion every time the music plays.

Distinctive features Points of note
  • Located right on Ha Long pedestrian street is very convenient.
  • Many combos at affordable prices.
  • Fantastic dancers caught all eyes.
  • Small area
  • Only standing tables that are close together

To receive the offers and book yourself a table at BATTERY Club, please call the hotline.:


6. New Square Bar 

  • Address: Group 5 – Zone 9 Cai Dam, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh
  • Opening hours: 19h00 to 2h00 the next day
  • Combo price: From 805,000 VND
  • Contact for reservation: 0963.841.188

New Square Bar is impressed by its modern look. Interior details such as stone tables, sofas, LED lights make the space more sparkling. In the middle of the club is a T-shaped stage where DJs and dancers perform music.

New Square Bar 
New Square Bar

New Square Bar invites different DJs every week. Different styles, novel mixtapes will certainly excite you. Whether it’s a familiar song from the 2000s or a new one, you’ll enjoy listening to DJs perform.

                  Distinctive features                           Points of note
  • Many preferential combos
  • Enthusiastic staff
  • Uneven music quality

Take a look at New Square Bar’s preferential combos to experience interesting mixtapes here!

Xem ưu đãi New Square Bar ngay!

Not a center of tourism, Hon Gai is known as the heart of Ha Long City. If you want to explore the most attractive places in Ha Long like local people, then the following two Hon Gai bars are the answer for you:

7. New Hạ Long Club – The “biggest” bar

  • Address: Group 6, Zone 6, Tran Thai Tong Street, Yet Kieu Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Opening hours: 6am to 3am the next morning
  • Contact for reservation: 0947.92.8989 | 0963.405.086

New Ha Long Club is known as the biggest bar in Ha Long City. It can accommodate the greatest parties you can think of. Standing out in the center of the club is a huge stage, with the control system pushing up from the basement to raising in mid-air, making sure you will enjoy extremely impressive music parties.

New Halong Club – Hon Gai – Club with huge area
New Halong Club – Hon Gai – Club with huge area

New Halong Club’s sound and light system is terrific. Music here is considered the best compared to other bars. The bar also spoils the visitors when inviting famous DJs to play music every weekend. In terms of grandeur, no other bar in Ha Long can be compared with New Ha Long.

Although the location is a bit difficult to find, in return the bar has a large parking lot and there are taxi shuttles late at night, too. Customers wearing dusted costumes are still allowed in. However, you must book a table in advance for weekends if you want to have a seat. You must pay a surcharge of 30% on weekends, and female staff serving alcohol is 400,000 VND/one.

              Distinctive features                                 Points of note
  • Area, sound, light are best invested.
  • Good music, regularly invite DJs and singers to perform.
  • Luxurious, classy suitable for impressive parties.
  • Located at the end of Hon Gai at 1 corner is quite discreet, so going to the evening is a bit difficult to find.
  • Far from Bai Chay tourist center (~15km)

New Ha Long Club is definitely a must-visit if you want to know what the class of someone is. To make a reservation, please call the hotline:


8. Rooftop Cafe & Bar – A place to see Ha Long from above

  • Address: No 1 25/4 Street (Hon Gai), Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Opening hours: 06h00-23h00
  • Contact for reservation: 0203 3625 789

Ha Long Rooftop Cafe & Bar with city view from above is located on the 10th floor,  offering views of the clock tower and fountain. A little further is the romantic view of Ha Long Bay. This is one of the bars with the most beautiful view in Hon Gai. The Wine Bar – Club, Rooftop is a place for visitors who like to enjoy the scenery and seek a quiet rest.

Rooftop Cafe & Bar – Where to see Hon Gai from above
Rooftop Cafe & Bar – Where to see Hon Gai from above

Beverages at Rooftop include wines and coffee, general refreshments. In addition to drinks, they also serve a variety of breakfast (pho, noodles, banh mi …) and office rice. Both drinks and food are well rated by customers, although not as excellent as professional restaurants. The staff here are very enthusiastic.

Distinctive features Points of note
  • View overlooking the clock tower and Ha Long Bay
  • The wine bar serves both food and drinks
  • Spacious and airy space
  • Don’t play music

Surely the top 8 most famous Ha Long Bars above will be the perfect destination for your nightlife activities. Save the list above and share it with your friends right away!

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