#15 most famous quality seafood restaurants in Ha Long

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Which is the most delicious and famous seafood restaurant in Ha Long?

In this article of Quality Restaurant in Ha Long, HaLongBay Blog will introduce the most famous and delicious seafood restaurants in Ha Long according to 3 prime tourist areas:

  • Bai Chay
  • Hon Gai
  • Tuan Chau

In each area, there will be corresponding indications of famous delicious seafood restaurants.

First, let’s figure out all seafood types and experiences in eating seafood for tourists when traveling to Ha Long.

Experience in eating seafood when traveling to Ha Long

Due to the favorable nature, ocean currents (water, bay), seafood in Ha Long Bay (from Tra Co – Hai Phong) such as: crabs, shrimps, oysters… is considered to be better than seafood in neighboring areas such as Thai Binh, Ha Tinh,…

HaLongBay Blog has summarized facts and experiences for visitors who want to enjoy seafood here:

What is the resource of Ha Long seafood?  Restaurants in Bai Chay and Hon Gai use Ha Long seafood from 4am at Ha Long fish market, which is on the opposite side of Lat Be Park with clock poles. At such an early time, the fish market mainly sells fresh food (except peeled shrimp with mackerel / tuna caught in the far sea). They always ensure a source of fresh seafood until the evening.

Seafood price: the price of fresh seafood in Ha Long is not cheap. The price of restaurants here is as much as the price of East Sea seafood in Hanoi.

The most delicious and famous dishes about Ha Long seafood:

  • Specialties are made from: horseshoe crab; salted shredded meat (from small octopus); Sim squid; garrupa
  • Some of the extremely expensive dishes: roasted dried peanut worms with beer; baked geoduck and mud clam; mantis shrimp.
  • Famous soup: Cobia with piper lolot leaves soup; vine spinach with mud clam soup; sea-acorn and tomato soup ; cobia, pineapple and piper lolot leaves soup.
  • There are also: baked stone crabs; sentinel crab; mantis shrimps, geoduck clams ; king fish, pomfret, mackerel; steamed mud clams and mud clam alcohol.

In addition, a lot of another famous Ha Long specialties are recommended.

Những món ngon và nổi tiếng nhất về hải sản Hạ Long: 

Seafood restaurants in Bai Chay

Bai Chay is the central tourist area in Ha Long. Many Amusement parks in Ha Long are gathered here. It is also where the most exciting tourism activities take place.

Visitors can easily discover all types of Ha Long seafood in Bai Chay. Let’s explore outstanding seafoods and famous seafood shops:

1. Hong Hanh 3 Restaurant – famous seafood restaurant in Bai Chay area

Hong Hanh 3 Restaurant is one of the branches of the Hong Hanh chain of restaurants located in the center of Ha Long. This restaurant capitalizes 3 floors on serving foods so customers can overlook Sun World Park. Hong Hanh is a chain of seafood restaurants in Ha Long that received a lot of good feedback including fast service, enthusiastic and friendly staff.

Hong Hanh 3 restaurant in Bai chay
Hong Hanh 3 restaurant in Bai chay

The favorite dish of many tourists is sea-acorns and tomato sauce with raw vegetables. This is the unique taste of crunchy vegetables, soft sea-acorns without clotting, and vegetables in addition.

Advantage Note
  •  Diverse and abundant types of seafood
  • Suitable for families and groups of less than 20 people
  •  Food are provided swiftly 
  • Car parking is available
  • Customer should make reservation in advance due to crowding at weekend
  • Service prices are higher than the general level

Visitors here please call to check the availability of seats and make reservations at the hotline below:

Hotline đặt bàn: 02033.812.345

2. Phuong Nam Restaurant overlooking the Bay

Phuong Nam restaurant
Phuong Nam restaurant

Phuong Nam Restaurant is a new restaurant with a stunning view overlooking the Bay for visitors. The price here is considered to be equivalent to eating seafood in restaurants in Hanoi.

View overlooking the Bay from Phuong Nam restaurant
View overlooking the Bay from Phuong Nam restaurant

Visitors can choose seafood at the tank immediately or can order other dishes in the menu. Both shrimp, crab, mantis shrimp, clams,… are fresh, stocky and full of meat. Customers don’t need to wait for the dishes too long. Moreover, the dishes are appetizing and the staffs here are dedicated and cheerful.

Advantage Note
  • Choose and weigh seafood at the tank immediately
  • Suitable for families and large groups of visitors
  • Luxurious design, the outdoor 4th floor area overlooking the Bay
  •  Suitable for organizing small parties, birthdays
  • Customer should make reservation in advance due to crowding at weekend

Visitors here are kindly requested to call to check the availability of seats and make reservations at the hotline below:

Hotline: 0901.59.95.98

3. Sen A Dong buffet restaurant

Sen A Dong is the largest and the most plentiful buffet restaurant in Bai Chay. With 280,000 VND/adult, 195,000 VND/child, visitors can enjoy more than 200 different dishes including: seafood, grilled food, sweets,..which are suitable for families. Especially, in the opening month, the restaurant will offer good discount programs from 10% to 15% or 50%

Enjoy seafood buffet in Sen A Dong restaurant
Enjoy seafood buffet in Sen A Dong restaurant
Advantage Note
  • Seafood Buffet
  • Wonderful view of the Bai Chay Bridge and the Nu Hoang cable car.
  • The service staff is polite, offer a dance performance to welcome visitors
  • Suitable for family
  •  Buffet time is from 6am – 9pm
  •  On weekends, buffet price can be increased to 310,000vnd/person

Promotion is applied in Sen A Dong:

  • 50% discount for customers aged 75 and above.
  •   100% discount on buffet meals for customers whose birthday is on the right day.
  • 30% discount for customers whose birthday is in the corresponding month.

For booking:

Hotline: 0832.981.666

4. Golden Crab Restaurant in Bai Chay

Golden Crab Restaurant is one of the famous places to eat fresh seafood in the center of Bai Chay. Golden crab hotpot with typical sea crab paste is a famous dish that has attracted tourists for a long time.

The famous Golden Crab Paste hotpot in Bai Chay Golden Crab restaurant
The famous Golden Crab Paste hotpot in Bai Chay Golden Crab restaurant

Visitors coming here, in addition to the hotpot, must try horseshoe crab made into 7 delicious dishes: indigenous salad, blood, rolls, sour sauce, deep fried, hotpot and egg salad.

Advantage Note
  • Rich variety of seafood: famous dishes from Crab and Horseshoe Crab.
  • Suitable for both families and large groups of tourists
  • There are private rooms and shared rooms.
  • Large parking area (including 45-seats cars)
  • Polite staff according to the criteria of luxurious restaurants.
  • Fresh seafood with slightly high price (~500,000 VND/person)
  • Due to the crowded, the service is a bit slow in rush hour service (wait about 30 mins)

The shop is crowded during rush hours (12pm) and weekends, so if you do not want to wait for visitors, you should book a table via the hotline:

Hotline: 0203.3819.919

5. Co Ngu Restaurant

The restaurant has an ancient, clean and luxurious setting. Co Ngu restaurant is suitable for foreign tourists or middle-aged couples, successful but discreet merchants who come to enjoy seafood dishes.

Ancient and luxurious space Co Ngu restaurant
Ancient and luxurious space Co Ngu restaurant
Advantage Note
  • The ancient, sufficient space is suitable for cozy family meals.
  • Polite staff’s uniform; foods are introduce properly
  • Service is a bit slow while having crowded customers.

For reservations, please call the hotline:

Hotline:  0203.3511.363

6. Thuy Chung snail supermarket – specializing in group customers with good prices

Thuy Chung snail supermarket has a capacity of more than 200 guests, includes a lobby and 6 VIP rooms. Despite the poor view, the ability to serve large groups at extremely affordable prices is a strong point of this restaurant.

Thuy Chung snail restaurant – specializing in serving groups of customers.
Thuy Chung snail restaurant – specializing in serving groups of customers.
Advantage Note
  • Be able to serve many large groups of guests at the same time.
  •  Diverse menu suitable for group guests
  • Discounts for large groups
  • Opening hours: 11am – 21pm;

For booking, please call the hotline::

Hotline: 0904.08.76.26

7. Thuy Chi Seafood Market

Thuy Chi Seafood Market is located in the center of Ha Long. The food here (especially the famous flower squid roll) are rated to be delicious, reasonably priced.

Thuy Chi seafood supermarket in Bai chay
Thuy Chi seafood supermarket in Bai chay

After being upgraded, this place is visit-worthy because of its airy, cool space, and pleasant lakeside view. The price is also suitable for groups of young people.

Advantage Note
  • Common restaurant suitable for large groups of youngsters
  • Clearly listed prices
  • Car parking is not convenient

To check the availability of the table and make a reservation, please call the hotline:

Hotline: 0961.210.888

8. Popular seafood area on Vuon Dao and Anh Dao Streets

Vuon Dao and Anh Dao are 2 streets in the center of Bai Chay tourist area. Many guesthouses, hotels and casual eateries are gathered here

Visitors can easily choose any eatery that suits them when passing by here. The dishes here are mainly popular seafoods which are simply prepared and at affordable prices. Visitors do not have to worry too much about being ripped off because the restaurant has a clear price list.

Advantage Note
  •  Many typical seafood shops in Bai Chay area
  • Convenient for transportation due to its 100m distance from Sun World Park
  • The dishes are made from popular seafood.

Hon Gai Seafood Restaurant

Many tourists believe that Hon Gai is definitely a paradise of Ha Long seafood enjoyment.

Tasty seafood shops in Hon Gai are mainly gathered on 2 roads along the coast which are Tran Thai Tong Street and Tran Quoc Nghien Street. There are many attractive features:

  • Views overlooking the bay and river
  • The price is rated to be cheaper than in Bai Chay area
  • However, visitors will have to travel a quite long distance (10-20 kilometers)

There are some delicious seafood shops in Hon Gai that HaLongBay Blog would like to introduce to visitors:

9. Hong Hanh 2 Restaurant

Hong Hanh restaurant in Hon Gai has many trees to create a cool and natural feeling for its customers. Included in the famous Hong Hanh restaurant chain, this eatery is very suitable for visitors who want to enjoy fresh seafood in Ha Long.

Fresh seafoods in Hong Hanh 2 restaurant
Fresh seafoods in Hong Hanh 2 restaurant
Advantage Note
  • Affordable price
  • Fast service; attentive, enthusiastic staff
  • Car parking is available
  • Discount 10-15% of bills for acquaintances
  • Often crowded at weekends.

For booking, please contact the hotline:

Hotline: 0203.3700.189

10. Huong Duyen Restaurant

Huong Duyen is a large seafood restaurant in the center of Hon Gai. Its forte are crab/sentinel crab hotpot. The foods here are fresh, delicious, reasonably priced, and suitable for crowds.

Huong Duyen restaurant in Hon Gai
Huong Duyen restaurant in Hon Gai

Located on the central street, Huong Duyen has two campuses. The larger original Huong Duyen is located farther from the clock pole than on the right-hand side of the road if going from the clock pole, while the new base is on the left, closer to the clock pole. According to local people, the first branch with 5 floors is more standard and better cooked.

Advantage Note
  • The highlight dishes are crab/ sentinel hotpot
  • Suitable for groups of customers
  •  Fast, enthusiastic service.
  • Small amount of private rooms in restaurant
  • Sitting outside is quite noisy and hot due to the use of gas stoves to eat hot pot

To reserve a table here, please call:

Hotline: 0203.3829.404

11. Cuong Ca Seafood Pub

Cuong Ca Seafood pub is located on the romantic riverbank. Sitting in the shop, customers can watch the whole river and Bai Chay bridge shimmering at night. The food in this restaurant is fresh, reasonably priced. Staff are friendly and supportive.

Cuong Ca restaurant - a typical seafood restaurant in Ha Long
Cuong Ca restaurant – a typical seafood restaurant in Ha Long
Advantage Note
  • Suitable for groups preferring drinking alcohol.
  • Airy river view
  • It’s a bit noisy because it’s a pub

Guests can come to this pub without making a reservation.

12. Gieng Don Street – Ha Long’s nocturnal food street

  • Address: Gieng Don Street, Tran Hung Dao, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh, Vietnam
  • Get direction

Gieng Don Street is known as Hon Gai’s nocturnal food street. The eateries here have a common feature of rustic, small with plastic tables and chairs protruding into the roadway.

Diverse dishes (noodles, pho, hot pot, all kinds of seafood, fried rice, porridge, noodles with fried tofu & shrimp paste…) are at reasonable prices. Fresh seafood is guaranteed, cheaper than street restaurants by 100-200,000 VND per kilogram.

13. Seafood shops in Tran Quoc Nghien Street along the seashore

Tran Quoc Nghien Street is a newly completed road. This is not only a destination to attract visitors to check-in but also very famous for seafood restaurants. This area is spacious, suitable for large groups traveling by car.

Visitors will have to go a little far to reach the famous restaurants here. Some famous restaurants can be listed:

  • Phuong Nam Barbecue Restaurant
  • Cho Que Diner
  • Long Phung Bay Restaurant

Tuan Chau Seafood Restaurant

The Tuan Chau Island area is the biggest transit destination to visit the bay in Ha Long. The seafood shops here mostly serve international tourists.

Tuan Chau is quite far from the central area of Bai Chay. Therefore, this is not a favorable area for the majority of tourists to enjoy Ha Long seafood.

However, if you and your family are having a vacation on the island, please take a look at the 2 most famous delicious seafood restaurants in Tuan Chau:

14. 1958 Restaurant

1958 Restaurant has famous chefs who participated in the Vietnamese Delicacies contest. They conquered the judges with their own unique regional flavor dishes. At the same time, the 1958 restaurant became 1 of 6 restaurants representing Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province to enter the regional round.

 1958 restaurant in Tuan Chau
1958 restaurant in Tuan Chau

Coming to the restaurant, visitors can enjoy elaborately prepared dishes. Therefore, the price is not cheap at all.

15. Golden Crab Restaurant in Tuan Chau

The first impression is that the restaurant is mainly decorated with warm colors but does not cause a sense of mystery. It is a rare restaurant in Ha Long offer the most professional service. Each table is in charge of itself.

Golden Crab restaurant in Tuan Chau
Golden Crab restaurant in Tuan Chau

The hotpot here is very famous according to the Golden Crab brand. Visitors will be satisfied with its service and tasty dishes.

The restaurant has convenient parking, the view overlooking the pier. In addition, the restaurant can assist visitors to book high-quality ships to spend the night on the bay.

Above are suggestions about the most delicious and famous Ha Long seafood shops. We hope that visitors can find a suitable shop. Please share this article with your friends if you find it useful!

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